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Ordering System

Phocept | Singapore No.1 Online Food Ordering System Provider.

Ordering System Singapore, Takeaway System, Food delivery system, table ordering system

Ordering system can redefine user’s experience with increase sales, Increase repeated sales, Reduce Manpower and reduce long-term payment cost with takeaway system, delivery system and table ordering system.


Welcome to Ordering System, where we will ensure that the sales and profits you gain are entirely able to be maximized, so you can gain more power within your market. This is something not everyone is able to do, and you can have it all done free of charge.


We work to reduce the pain of F&B owner to assist you in adoption at no cost by utilizing the available grants out there through effective, efficient ways to get you back on the top. We get to know you and your business so we can better understand your business and challenges to adopt the best program available.


We can solve all of your F&B Operations, Sales and Marketing challenges all at the same time to provide those effective solutions you’ve been searching for, but were never able to find – until now!

Food Delivery | Take-Away | Table Ordering System

[cover_boxes title1=”Take Away System” text1=”Take away food & home delivery – Order online – input postal code – Payment – Rider collect & send to client place.” link1=”https://phocept.com.sg/ordering-system/food-takeaway-system/” title2=”Food Delivery System” text2=”Lowest rate payment gateway in Singapore S$0.25* per transaction with food delivery solution and rider to deliver food to client place. *Subject to the market rate” link2=”https://phocept.com.sg/ordering-system/food-delivery-system/” title3=”Table Ordering System” text3=”Phocept is the leading provider of table ordering system. Reduce manpower with technology” link3=”https://phocept.com.sg/ordering-system/table-ordering-system-2/” image1=”16798″ image2=”16796″ image3=”16797″]

Are You Having These Issues?

When there is a shortage of manpower, your products or services are too labor intensive, you have limited dine-in capacity during peak hours, low sales during off-peak hours, lost sales at queue or are having difficulty implementing loyally programs – that’s where we come in to introduce Ordering System.


Not only do we work side by side with you to ensure that you have an effective outcome, but we ensure that you’re happy and seeing results from the outcome. Even though these pains all come from the F&B industry, it does not mean that they cannot be fixed.


We have developed a solution to fix the issues you’re having – Ordering System. Food Delivery System; Table Ordering System & Take Away Delivery System

How Phocept can provide Online Food Ordering System Services to you?

We are the only organization in Singapore that is able to provide effective answer and solutions to solve F&B Operations, Sales and Marketing challenges all at the same time. Food Photography provided, so you can worry about one less thing.


We have collaborate with local apps developer who spent more than 8 years with SPRING, IDA, Banks and Telcos to develop several comprehensive solutions that can work with the needs and wants that you have. We understand that not every company is the same, and with it means that we cannot provide you with a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure that you get the in-depth solutions you’re searching for.

What Online Food Ordering System Can Do For You?

  1. Increase sales by online pick-up or delivery orders.
  2. Increase repeated sales by fastest membership sign-up and create rewarding buying.
  3. Reduce manpower – order taking, recommendations, process payment.
  4. Reduce long-term payment cost – zero human error, lowest rate payment gateway in Singapore.

Work with us today and let us know what we can do for you. Our appointments are full daily, please call Phocept to book free demo now. You do not want to miss out on being able to get the treatments required, while also being more effective within your business as a whole. We are a company that prides ourselves in each of the F&B businesses out there, and look towards a brighter future for each and every one of them.