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Food Delivery system

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Food Delivery System with free Web Presence.

Food Delivery System with Lowest rate payment gateway in Singapore S$0.25 per transaction with food delivery solution and rider to deliver food to client place.


Food delivery system is another platform to help F&B owner to boost their sales. Phocept is one of the Food Delivery System solution provider in Singapore. Create automation platform for Client ordering, Merchant Order-in, Pick-up or delivery options with secure payment gateway and rider delivery. Government grants available.


If you’re searching for a system that is able to provide you with the keys needed to not only stay organized, but to be more efficient and effective in the business that you run, we can provide that food delivery solution you’ve been searching for.


We have developed a system that stands strong in the face of the other systems on the market that are not as comprehensive. Through our extensive background search, we have found not only the most pliable situations, but also the most effective at allowing your customers to stay in control, allowing you to retain your customer database – thus, increasing your profits.


Government grants are available for this type of system, and we can help you find the right ones!

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Heres How it Works


Through our highly advanced online food delivery system, you’re customers are able to always get what they want, when they want.


Through the home delivery food service, the customers go onto the platform to order what they’d like and cash out through the secure payment gateway. This allows you to get the orders, fill the orders and then have them sent straight to the customer’s homes through the food delivery solution.


Customers Order > Cash Out Securely > Orders are Filled > Sent Directly to the Customer


This food delivery system software helps you gain insight on being more efficient and effective within the food industry, without having to spend a lot in manpower, while also being able to gain more customers – making you more profitable in the your business endeavors.

How it Can Help Your Business


Through our food delivery system, it is able to be used for a wide range of reasons and businesses. Depending on the outcome that you’re expecting, being able to enjoy having the perks of an online food delivery system means less employees to hire, hands to work and more customers that will order from you.


Easy of use is the highest need within the food industry today, and through our developed system, that is exactly what you’re able to make use of. We have done extensive research in the food industry and through the F&B challenges and trials, have come up with a solution that is able to fix all of those problems, while creating more efficient and effective solutions for food ordering and delivery through our developed platforms.


Whether it is to fulfill an order within a restaurant setting, to send out an order to a home or even to send an order out for pick up; the food delivery system software is able to provide the high quality solutions your food business has been searching for.


Be the first ones in your own market and location to obtain such a powerful tool, and watch as you take off further than the other competition in the market. This can all be done through the use of the online food delivery system providing the highest in customer satisfaction and business profits solutions.

In order to enhance the food and beverages day-by-day business operation, we also recommend to implement takeaway system to give convenient for consumers who want to enjoy their food at home or office. We have takeaway system and table ordering system to give ordering system a comprehensive systematic method.

We are Singapore’s #1 Food Delivery System Provider. Act now and book a spot for a free demo today!