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Takeaway System

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Food Takeaway System with Delivery Solution

Singapore #1 Food Takeaway System solution provider. Make own food online platform with secure payment gateway at only S$0.25 per transaction and rider to deliver food. Utilizing available grants.



Food takeaway system that we’ve developed, every food business is able to enjoy the perks of eliminating the need for many middle men employees, increasing their overall traffic in their business and effectively increasing their profits. Your customers are able to get even more benefits with our integrative platform providing the high quality services and cash out abilities we can provide you with.


We can provide you with the effective, essential options that will help you gain the business insight you’ve been searching for. Stand out in the food industry and be seen when the time comes.

Heres How it Works


When it comes to using the food takeaway system that we provide, you can ensure that every little detail and aspect is taken care of. You’re able to feel much more confident about the choice that you made to work with us when you find out how effective and convenient that is for your customers, and also your food business.


We have done extensive research on many of the platforms out there, and we can work to provide you with the food takeaway system that have been proven to work, and even gain more insight in the industry, rather than making you fall behind.


Of course, to make a complete automation system. You may need to implement Table ordering system in your restaurant and food delivery system which comes together with delivery rider and secure payment gateway with low transaction fee.


It is easy, effective and convenient for everyone!

Customer Orders Food Online > Inputs their Postal Code > They Pay > Riders are Collected > Food is Sent to Them


Our food takeaway system has been used by multiple food businesses in the industry, and they feel that through this method, with ever-changing technology in the industry, you can retain and gain even more customers and clients through the use of the system that allows them to stay in control.


Have customers save time with “priority ordering” options that are provided. This allows them to feel like a preferred customer within the system, and can allow them to order their favorites time and time again, without having to repeat their information each time they sign on.


The food service industry is one that is not gaining much ground without having the proper technological advances. Through the use of the advancements within the industry today, such as the food take-away solutions we provide, your business can increase in profit and in customer database.


Isn’t this how you want to grow within the industry and be known for? Don’t you want a more effective, simpler solution to work with? Wouldn’t you like to provide your customers with the satisfaction that they deserve while working with your business?


We would, and this is why we can provide these systems for you.

We Provide Demo For you.


We can provide you with demos that provide you an idea of how the system works, and how it can benefit you when it comes to finding out more regarding the system, and how it can benefit, work for you and essentially make your business operation run more smoothly to get the most revenue out of the affordable system and low human error.


We are always booking, and we welcome you to make an appointment with us! Call us today at +65 9151 9184 and we can work to get the system started!