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Table Ordering System

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Table Ordering System – Reduce Manpower with Technology

Singapore #1 Table Ordering System provider. Order from table with integrated point of sale system via QR Code.



As Singapore’s #1 table ordering system provider, we feel strongly about the table ordering systems that we provide to each and every food business within the industry. We feel that it has to provide the profits, efficiency and effectiveness that the client has requested.


Through our highly developed restaurant table ordering system, we have made a plan to not only allow customers to order what they’d like to order through the system, but also use the integrated pay at table solutions that provide them with a way to come in, order, eat and pay without having to wait for a busy waiter to come by with their checks.


Enjoy the freedom of releasing employees, saving money and making more money than you ever thought of within the food industry. Through the use of our solutions and our backing, we provide you with the essentials needed to become a more effective and efficient solution.


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Reduce Your Overall Manpower Using Technology with Table Ordering System



Manpower is one of the biggest weaknesses throughout the food industry with the numerous employees that have to be into work day in and day out, and provide fast, reliable services to each and every customer that is seen.


What if you could eliminate the need for these employees and their services? What if you could save money by replacing them with a restaurant table ordering system that is not only reliable but efficient at what it does? What if you could actually make more cash, instead of losing out on cash?


Our restaurant table ordering systems are designed specifically for providing you with an efficient way to make money, while also effectively retaining and gaining new customers via loyalty point system.


Each time a customer uses this system, both the merchant and the customer can see what is happening, as it happens. Everyone is able to take note, and follow along with the many things happening all within the restaurant and without the use of many employees to take charge.


Even payment can be taken through the use of the system that is integrated fully with your food service business. The integrated pay at table solutions reduces the amount of time it would take for a guest to check out within your establishment, while providing them with a safe, secure way to cash out for the food and other items they wish to have.

Integrated Payment Solutions and Table Ordering Systems are Effective for Food Businesses


Integrated pay at table ordering system have steadily been making their way into the market, and now you’re able to use the service as your own within your own establishment. Cut down waiting times, maximize your profit with the use of a restaurant table ordering system that works with both the business owner and the restaurant customers.


We take our client’s business needs and wants, and turn them into the brilliant restaurant management and marketing solutions that they are after with a fully developed, fully comprehensive check out and ordering system built specifically for the tables.


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We can provide you with demos to provide you with an idea of how the system works, and how it can benefit you when it comes to finding out more regarding the system, and how it can benefit, work for you and essentially make your business more money.


Ordering system is one of the essential tools for food industry nowadays in Singapore and we can’t deny that there is an increasing rates for food delivery and takeaway services. If you own a restaurant that didn’t implement these automation system, you might lost some of the consumer who want to order your food at their convenient place such as home or office. You may consider these ordering system with government grants to boost your business to another level. Talk to us today or make an appointment to find out more.


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