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Seminar Videography

Capturing Mesmerizing Moment

Do you have a seminar coming soon? Then let our team of expert videographers capture your convention, seminar or training. We are committed to providing the best videographer crews. We offer you quality at an affordable rate.

How it works

Corporate Video Productions

With all of the advancement in today’s technology, businesses are looking for savvy ways to communicate with their own employees and potential clients. This need to communicate effectively has enticed them to look for every possible media outlet including videos. Therefore, videos are an easy cost effective way to communicate. Whether it’s a video newsletter, promotional material, employee training or video seminar, Phocept is here to assist you. A professional quality video has shown to reach customers and clients in a positive way while taking your brand to the next level. Video seminars are proven to be an effective form of advertising and branding strategy.

At Phocept we work with small businesses and large corporations alike. Our expert team will give you the quality you need to make that great impression. We take pride in knowing what our customers want and showing it in the final product. Hiring Phocept will allow you the peace of mind of knowing that there are professionals behind the camera. This allows you to focus on your event. We will walk you step by step on best methods to achieve the perfect video for your company. Contact Phocept today for a free consultation.

Video seminars are held to higher standards today, due to all of the technology we have at our fingertips. The days of a simple transition or fade out are over. Cheesy looking footage will make your company look outdated and unprofessional. Keeping your client entertained long enough to pitch your idea or sell your product will determine your business’s success. We can handle every aspect of your seminar and give you a final product you will be proud of and use for years to come. Here are ways our experts can assist you with your videography needs:

  • Internal Communication

Employees need to be knowledgeable, updated and trained properly to run your business. Using videography for this purpose also allows your employees to see the video anywhere they have access to your intranet site.

  • Corporate Seminars

New product release? We are here to capture your monthly or yearly seminars with our professional videography crew. We are experts at seminar videography. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • Corporate Policies and Compliance

In today’s highly regulated time, following compliance and policy procedures can make or break your business. Ensuring that both your clients and employees know what needs to be done is vital to your business and a must.

  • Training

Training videos are still the best way to communicate with new and current employees. Watching up to date videos on employee expectations and standards boost employee morale and helps keep your employees well informed.

  • Community Service

Engaging with your community not only boost employee morale it keeps the community in tune with what you are doing and how much you care. A happy community becomes a happy customer.

  • Social Networking

Having a video format of your training or seminar allows you to share it with millions of potential clients by sharing it on social media. Here is where quality is important. We provide you with various output formats to spread your message.

Ask us how to add snippets from your video to your digital signage. At Phocept we can provide you with the very best alternatives in digital signs, images and videography needs.

  • Brand Marketing

Phocept allows you to put your best foot forward, by providing you with top quality products you can share with your clients.

Different types of Videography Services

At Phocept our experience and creativity will help you achieve unlimited possibilities. Our focus is capturing your seminar in the best possible angle while ensuring the footage is clear. Zooming into your guest speaker, while showing a good turnout is visually appealing and can help your brand. We also engage with the audience by showing participation. This allows your photos or video to be interesting and engaging.


While preparing for a seminar, there is lots to plan. While you are preparing seating arrangements, handouts and company signs, you can feel confident knowing that your videography will be handled by professionals. Many clients overlook the basics like correct lighting and audio quality. It is our job to ensure the videos are filmed with the correct lighting. The sound is also a very important factor and one we take very seriously. A bad sounding video can immediately turn off clients and make it so you can’t get your message across. Let the expert team at Phocept handle all of your seminar videography needs. We provide all of the services you need to make your event a success.

Seminar Videography service that you need to make your event success.

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